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Carbon Offset

Increase sales in decarbonization era

Improving corporate brand value

Viewing carbon-offset as a source of competitiveness, rather than a cost, and proactively pursuing initiatives will lead to company differentiation and increased value.

climate change

The effects of climate change caused by global warming are becoming apparent, including rising temperatures, heavy rains, an increase in typhoons, and a decline in the quality of agricultural products.

Fourth climate change response:
Towards an era where environmental value is recognized

Decarbonization 4.0; Re-creating competitiveness over environmental value through climate change response. The focus has been on functional value and emotional value until now, however, the third added value, "environmental value", has become a new differentiation strategy.

Decarbonization 4.0

In recent years, all industries and companies have been required to decarbonize, but there are some fields where it is currently technically difficult to reduce emissions.

Even companies that find it difficult to reduce emissions in the short term can demonstrate their contribution to decarbonization by using carbon offsets through carbon credits.


The business environment and consumer awareness have begun to change significantly in the wake of the Paris Agreement.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has stated that the use of offsets should be promoted in order to encourage behavioral changes in individuals and regions towards low carbonization.

Many companies have announced decarbonization declarations, and consumer interest in climate change is increasing.

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More efficient decarbonization

(Cost reduction)

In areas where decarbonization technology has not been established, forcing emissions reductions may have negative effects such as heavy costs and supply instability. Therefore, the use of carbon credits will lead to more efficient decarbonization and cost reductions.

Corporate environmental management

Contribute to acquiring corporate contracts for companies that are proactive about environmental considerations and SDGs initiatives, attracting users who are highly conscious of environmental considerations, and evaluating SDGs initiatives.

Creation of new business

Increase on added value of products and services which leads to a creation of new business models and businesses.

Regional revitalization

By using local carbon credits, it is possible to obtain funds for new activities such as increasing the added value of local products and conserving the local environment, and dual economic effects are expected as a result.

Case Studies

carbon offset
Kongo Chemical Co., Ltd.
As a result of calculating the CO2 emitted by Kongo Chemical's manufacturing employees in their private cars while commuting, it was confirmed that they emitted 9.6 tons of CO2. CO2 emitted during the calculation period is offset using local carbon credits. Furthermore, this project aims to improve the traceability of CO2 by locally producing and consuming carbon credits using forest-derived credits created within Toyama Prefecture.

What is carbon offset?

  • Carbon offset is an initiative that offsets the greenhouse gas emissions that are unavoidable in daily life and business operations by supporting emission reduction and absorption projects based on the amount of emissions. In recent years, carbon offset efforts have been expanding, and by understanding greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing credits when it is difficult to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the reduction and absorption activities can be carried out elsewhere instead.

  • The voluntary carbon market is expected to grow from about $2 billion in 2022 to about $100 billion in 2030 and $250 billion by 2050, according to Morgan Stanley.

  • TSVCM recommends that the current credit market needs to be expanded by more than 15 times in order to achieve the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement.(TSVCM is an abbreviation for Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, an organization related to voluntary carbon markets.The main purpose is to improve the quality and evaluation framework of carbon credits, and improve the transparency and liquidity of transactions. )

carbon offset

​Carbon Offset Projects

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Carbon Offset Platform
Integrated business/IT system for measuring and managing emissions and implementing carbon offsets.

Emissions measurement tool

We will build an individual system according to the customer's business profiles and offset range.

Offset implementation system
climate change

TechThinker Inc.

We provide digital solutions for measuring CO2 emissions and implementing carbon offsetting. Recently, companies have faced challenges such as "high consulting costs", "insufficient specialized knowledge", and "complicated procedures" when measuring CO2 emissions and implementing carbon offsets. We aim to solve these issues through our digital solutions, which include cloud-based emission measuring tools, OEM softwares, NFTs, marketplaces, and platforms. In the trend towards decarbonization, we support companies in creating new businesses, increasing sales, rebranding, promoting GX, improving the efficiency of decarbonization, and enhancing business value.



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